The forum is a yearly event that is run in order to:

•To increase the skills and effectiveness of Australian activists

•To increase networking between activists

•To inspire activists to continue their work

•To showcase effective campaigns

•To give an opportunity to hear international speakers

The format of the forum includes:

•A welcome session with groups giving a 1 minute summary of their work

•Skype presentations from international speakers

•Workshops & presentations on specific topics

•Meetings of delegates from different groups that are working on similar camapigns

•Social events

The forum is for individuals as well as groups, you don’t have to be a member or representative of a group.

The event is run as a not for profit event. Neither the organisers not the associated animal organisations involved in organising this event make profits from the forum.

We set ticket prices on the basis of the cost of venue hire, catering, ausio-visual hire, webhosting, and divide costs by the estimated number of people attending. We adjust the standard price in order to allow us to offer a lower unwaged price.

If you feel the event could be improved in a certain way, please step forward and improve it with us! You will find the convenors happy for any assistance :-)