History of the Forum

The Australian Animal Activists Forum has been running for quite a few years, and is typically held in a different state each year, although recently it has been held in Melbourne every 2nd year, primarily because so many groups are based there. The Forum is the only regular opportunity for activists from different states to network and swap skills and resources, as such it has firmly established itself as the event for Australian animal advocates each year.

2010 was a milestone for the activists forum, as we utilised Skype to allow presentations from overseas and interstate. We are particularly grateful for our notable 2010 British speaker for giving an inspiring keynote presentation on vegan activism, staying positive and keeping the animals always in mind.

For many years the Animal Activists Forum was a single day event, on a Sunday late in October, however for the past three years the event has been starting mid afternoon on the Saturday. 2011 is the first year that the activists forum will occupy an entire weekend in it’s own right. 2011 marked another milestone with concurrent sessions! In previous years we struggled to fit everything in to a single weekend, and some sessions would be “preaching to the converted”. We now always aim to have at least two rooms booked, and between organisation reviews, panel sessions on specific topics and technical training, we hope our only complaints to be about there being too much choice.

We hope that this year’s forum will have something for everyone!

Previous Years


Let us know if you have photos or stories from previous years! And if you were involved prior to 2003, let us know more!

To see selected workshops from previous years, see our video page.