Over the course of the weekend we aim to present over 30 workshops and presentations on a range of subjects related to animal protection.


Our confirmed speakers are:


Chris Delforce, Aussie Farms

Jesse Marks, Animals Australia

Tahnee Barnes, End Extinction Australia

Leigh-Chantelle, Viva la Vegan!

Amanda Benham

Jonathan Clark, Sea Shepherd Brisbane

Peter Chen, Political Scientist

Tammy and Wally Fry, The Fry Family Food Co.

Brad King, Farm Animal Rescue

Anna Ludvik, Lucy’s Project

Joshua Agland and Angela Pollard

Phillip Hall, Animal Liberation NSW

Anita Krajnc, Toronto Pig Save

Kelly Levenda, Vegan GMO

Mike Rosalky, Animal Defenders Office

James Aspey, James Aspey Activism

Jaime Singleton, Animal Liberation QLD

Gayle D’Arcy, Animal Liberation QLD

Marianne MacDonald, SAFE NZ

Mandy Carter, SAFE NZ

Dr Reem Lascelles, EVER Sanctuary

Anne Hall, Animal Liberation NSW

Tamasin Ramsay, Environmental Anthropologist

Helen Marston, Humane Research

Douglas Leith

Kate and Asha, Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Australia

Kobe Steele, Orangutan Foundation International Australia

Alex Vince, Animal Liberation NSW

Michael Webermann, Farm Animal Rights Movement

Alexandra Sedgwick

Damian Mander, Anti-Poaching Crusader

Daniel Beecher