Joey Carbstrong, Fearless Activism

Sam Tucker, Vegan Outreach

Kevin and Flavia Coleman, Authors

Sandra Higgins, Go Vegan World (Skype)

Mick McIntyre, Indievillage

Emma Hurst, Animal Liberation

Dr Michael Klaper, Physician and Author (Skype)

Clare Mann, Vegan Voices

Jennifer Croes, The Rainforest Project

Dr Lara Drew and Katie Batty, The Institute for Critical Animal Studies, Oceania

Amanda Benham, Human Herbivore

Eliza Littleton

Douglas Leith

Mike Rosalky, Animal Defenders Office

Kimberley  Oxley, Animals Australia

Jay Clair, Darth Vegan

Patty Mark, Animal Liberation Victoria

Professor Andrew Knight, SAFE New Zealand

Brad King, Farm Animal Rescue 

Lee Rhiannon, Senator for NSW and Greens animal welfare spokesperson

Chris Delforce, Aussie Farms

Meg Good, Voiceless: the animal protection institute

Svetlana Colbert, Animal Activist Collective

Anita Krajnc, Toronto Pig Save and The Save Movement (Skype)

Kirsten Leiminger, The Cruelty Free Shop

Lou Bonomi, Animals Australia

Michael Dello-Iacovo (Skype)

Bruce Poon, Animal Justice Party

Apoorva Madan, Animal Rights South Australia and PsychMed

Pam Ahern, Edgar’s Mission

Oliver Hornung, EvoLens

Melanie Andrews

Thomas King, Food Frontier           

Jesse Marks, Animals Australia

Sally Hunter

Paul Mahony, terrastendo.net

Nick Pendergrast, The Institute for Critical Animal Studies, Oceania

Alex Vince, Animal Liberation