Frequently Asked Questions

Why haven’t I heard about this before?

We are trying to publicise the event as widely as possible. We have asked every animal protection group in Australia that we know of (over 300 groups) to publicise the event.

Please, if you are part of an animal protection group, please try to get the word out on the group’s email list, facebook page, events calender, twitter feed, etc. Please tell your friends and everyone you know. We believe that this is a great event, we just need people to know about it.

Is the event catered?

Yes. The ticket price includes teas and coffees, break time snacks and lunches, all vegan. The lunches and soy milk include gluten free options. The social dinner has to be purchased separately, through the ticketing system.

I genuinely can’t afford the ticket price.

Then contact us and we will try to arrange cheaper entry for you.

Can sessions be delivered as webinars so that we can all join the conversation remotely?

We would like at some point to do webinars, however at the moment we do not have this in the plan for this year. Whilst each year we try to make the event bigger, and better, than the previous year, there are a number of other things we are working on this year, instead than webinars. Also, we feel the main benefit of this event is the networking with other activists and this cannot be achieved over the internet.

We hope to film a number of this years talks, and after the forum we will notify, via our email list, how these can be viewed.

Are non-human animals allowed?

Sorry, no

Who makes a profit from this?

The organisers make no money, and we run the event with the intention of solely covering costs. We set ticket prices on the basis of costs and estimated attendance. In the event that we cover our costs, we use any money left over to offset against the following year’s expenses.

Is the event vegan?

To the best of our ability, we aim to have a vegan catered event. We hope to supply cruelty free soap at the venue bathrooms, but the organisers are usually very busy on the day and sometimes we forget details. If you want to ensure this goes ahead, please offer to volunteer for us by contacting ‘volunteers [at] activistsforum [dot] com’.

I’m not vegan, can I come?

Yes. We make no restrictions on the basis of diet, but please don’t bring non-vegan food to the event.

I’m not even vegetarian, can I come?

See above.

I’m not in a group, I’m just an interested individual thinking of getting more involved.

Please come, the event is aimed at you!

I can only attend for a day, can I still come?

Yes, but the cost is the same. You may wish to let us know so that we don’t over cater.

Is the social dinner included in the ticket price.

Sorry, this has to be purchased separately, through the forum ticketing system.

Will mainstream press be invited?

No, although there may be the opportunity to be interviewed by activist media.

Is there a chance that the event will be infiltrated by members of animal-abusing industries?

Maybe, we can’t avoid this, and at least we get some money out of them. If they make a disruption we can ask them to leave as stated in our terms and conditions of ticket purchase.

How do you choose the location?

We change the city every year and we choose the most inexpensive venue that can accommodate the number of people we expect to attend, with the correct number of rooms, and that permits our vegan catering. Finding a suitable venue can be difficult.

I don’t need the catered food, what can we do about this?

Email us and we can discuss your requirements.

How can I support the event?

Publicise the event, donate on the day, buy a ‘solidarity ticket’, or offer to volunteer for us by sending an email to volunteers [at].

Are events like this worthwhile?

We think so. We know of one project in Australia, the  ‘Freedom of Species’ Animal Protection radio show that was inspired by the forum. A similar event, the International Animal Rights Gathering, was held in Suza, northern Italy in 2010, shortly afterwards Rome saw an anti-vivisection demonstration with approximately 10’000 participants. The forum organisers believe that the Australian movement will benefit from greater networking and cooperation and the forum aims to do just that.

Can I just come to some workshops?

We ask everyone to register at 08:30 on both days. Otherwise you will be creating extra work for an already stressed team. We prefer if people stay for the whole weekend. Why? This is because the main goal of the event is to foster cooperation between Australian activists, and discussions during breaks and lunches are as (or more) important than the formal workshops. Please stay through the event and help to foster a community event!

I bought a ticket, but I cannot attend, can I get a refund?

Refunds are available, minus booking fee, up to the end of September.

Can transfer or give my ticket to someone else?

No, tickets are not transferrable.

How can I ensure I hear about future events?

Register for our newsletter on the bottom of our webpage, sign up to our twitter page, or look for us on facebook.

Hey, shouldn’t there be an apostrophe in “ActivistsForum”?

We are not sure.