Animal Activists Forum 2014 – Call for presentations

We are now seeking expressions of interest from individuals or groups who wish to speak at the forum. The can either be a theoretical or practical workshop such as:

·         A discussion or debate around a particular topic

·         A practical workshop (how to do a particular aspect of activism)

·         Sharing experience of a particularly successful (or unsuccessful) campaign

Presentations are selected by the AAF team on the basis of:

·         Applicability and value to grass roots activists

·         A good match to other talks already scheduled

·         Originality of topic to AAF

If you have an idea for a talk by someone else, or can recommend a speaker that you think we should have for this year’s forum, feel free to get in contact.

Email: ‘presentations [at] activistsforum [dot] com’

Note: the views and opinions raised at the forum are those of the speakers themselves and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Animal Activists Forum team or any associated organisations.  Attendees should be aware that some of the content of the presentation may be distressing. Attendees are advised to exercise their own discretion as to which presentations they attend, and the Organisers and associated organisations take no responsibility for emotional distress. Wherever possible, we will endeavor to warn of graphic images, but no responsibility is taken for the material conveyed in the presentation by the organisers or associated organisations of the Animal Activist Forum.