AAF 2010

Tallebudgera Recreation Centre, Palm Beach, Qld

Keynote Presentation: The Global Grassroots Movement


Brendan McNally (Long time British vegan AR activist, co-convenor of UK and International Animals Rights Gatherings)

Organisation Reviews


Coalition Against Duck Shooting

Animal Liberation Qld

Stop Live Exports

Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses

Animal Liberation ACT

Veg/Vegan Society Qld

Animal Justice Party

Barristers Animal Welfare Panel

Brisbane Lawyers Educating & Advocating for Tougher Sentences

SCU Animal Law Club

Animal Liberation NSW

Australian Cavy Sanctuary

Brisbane Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Specialist Advocacy


Staging Effective Events

Blogging for the Animals

Panel Sessions

Panel Session: Come Together


Intersectionality 101

Intersectionality in the AR movement

Panel Session: The Dolphin Slaughter Campaign


The Taiji protests

The Tokyo protests

Panel Session: Taking it to the Streets


Leafleting in Melbourne

Leafleting in Qld

Panel Session: It’s Not Personal, It’s Business


The Green Edge

Funky Pies