AAF 2009

Animal Activists Day – 25th October 2009

Trinity College, Evan Burge Building, University of Melbourne


Organisational Reviews

Animals Australia (Glenys Oogjes)

Animals Australia Unleashed (Ward Young)

Barristers Animal Welfare Panel (Shatha Hamade)

People Against Cruelty in Animal Transport (Jodie Jankevics and Sabina Shugg)

Animal Liberation Queensland (Cynthia Burnett)

Vegetarian /Vegan Society of Queensland (Mike Munsie)

Cage Free Campus Society (Joanna Unferdorben)

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Tim Watters)

Coalition Against Duck Shooting (Lynn Trakell)

Action for Animals (Kathleen Chapman)

Victorian Advocates for Animals (Lawrence Pope)

VegOut Sundays (Zerin Knight)

Caroline Springs Animal Welfare Network (Rana Hales)

Animal Liberation ACT (Jo Vegan)

Replace Animals in Australian Testing (Melissa Boyde)



Brightside Animal Sanctuary (Emma Haswell)



Running Effective Stalls (Jesse Marks)

Mental Health for Activists: avoiding activist burn-out (Joanna Unferdorben)

Activists Media Training (Laurie Levy)

Effective Letter Writing (Natasha Reus)

“Leaflet to Help Animals?” – Vegan Outreach (Roy Taylor)

Farmed Animal Advocacy (Kathleen Chapman)

The Botanic Gardens Bat Campaign (Lawrence Pope)

Experiences of a NSW Laboratory Inspector (Jason Grossman)

The Campaign Against Jumps Racing (Ward Young)